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Bishop Bowers, who is now Pastor Emeritus at Greater Emanuel Apostolic Temple, is truly leaving a definitive landmark in the hearts of thousands of individuals around the world and setting the standard for effective and authentic ministry.


Bishop has led the Apostolic movement, preaching the unadulterated gospel for over 55 years.  Faithful he has been to one organization (Pentecostal Assemblies of the World) and one congregation (Greater Emanuel Apostolic Temple), serving as a shepherd, inspiration, advisor, Prayer Warrior - a true foundation.


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Dr. Lipford Sanders is the Director and Associate Professor, Graduate Studies in Counseling at Heidelberg College. She received her bachelor's and masters degrees from Bowling Green State University, and her Doctor of Philosophy from Kent State University in Counselor Education.


Dr. Lipford Sanders has received numerous honors and awards. She is an often sought after motivational speaker in colleges, high schools, religious institutions, and various community organizations. She received a grant to study female socialization practices in West Africa, and directs the Emmanuel Training Centre that provides consultation/educational training relative to issues of mental health and diversity. She has had the privilege of teaching in both Tianjin, China and Sapporo, Japan.


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Bishop Rufus Sanders in the Pentecostal Assemblies of the world, is the founder and the pastor of the Emmanuel Temple church in Sandusky, Ohio. 


He holds a Ph.D in American Culture Studies and served as an adjunct professor and guest lecturer at Universities in his area.  His commentary has also appeared in Emerge magazine and the USA Today newspaper. Sanders is currently finishing work on the first ever printed biography of the founder of the 20th Pentecostal Movement; William J. Seymour. He has  recently joined USAfrica The Newspaper, The Black Business Journal and as a contributing editor.


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Bishop David W. Maxwell is currently the Diocesan Bishop of Illinois-Wisconsin Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith, Inc. Bishop Maxwell’s rich and profound presentation of the Word of God is a known staple throughout America and the foreign fields. His profound use of the “King’s English” to give illustration and elucidation to the word has created a demand for his ministry as a revivalist, evangelist and seminarian. In addition to his Episcopal duties with the C.O.O.L.J.C., Bishop Maxwell serves as senior Pastor of the Eliezer Temple Church of Lansing Michigan, Executive Assistant to the Chief Apostle and Prelate of the C.O.O.L.J.C., Bishop William L. Bonner, Chairman of the Board of Evangelism for the C.O.O.L.J.C, Vice President of the Clergy Forum of Lansing Michigan (a inter-denominational group of ministers advancing social and economic concerns for citizens in the mid Michigan area), Director of Faith Based Initiatives for the City of Lansing as well as many other religious, social and community endeavors. 



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